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Photo and Video Shooting.

Photography and video shooting services help brands reach their target audiences visually and communicate their messages more effectively. In providing these services, many factors should be taken into consideration before and after the shooting.

Firstly, the objectives of the brand should be determined before the shooting. According to these objectives, it should be planned what kind of photos and videos will be shot. Other elements such as the equipment required for the shoot, location, model and decoration should also be determined in advance.

During the shooting, technical factors such as the use of the right equipment and the right lighting are very important. It should not be forgotten that the equipment to be used in the shooting will determine the quality of the photos and videos. In addition, during the shooting, the photographer or cameraman should be guided in a way to ensure that the images taken reflect the brand's goals in the best way.

After the shooting, post-production processes such as editing and montage of the images should be carried out. These processes are done to improve the quality of the visuals and ensure that the message is conveyed more clearly.

As a result, photo and video shooting services help brands reach their target audiences more effectively. By offering these services, advertising agencies make photo and video shootings specific to the needs of brands. These shootings should be planned to reflect the brand's goals, should be carried out in a technically correct way and then edited to ensure that the message is clearly conveyed.

Venue general photo shoot.
Photo shoot with location set-up.
Portrait photographs of employees.
Manager fixed video shootings (limited to 2 managers).

*There is no day restriction for the work to be done.
* Production date will be determined in advance.
*All areas must be clean and tidy on the day of production.
*Employees are requested to be fully staffed.
*You have 1 revision right.

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