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What is Web Software?

What is Web Software?

Web software is software that runs over the internet. This software can include many different types of web applications such as websites, web applications, e-commerce platforms, blogs and other web-based solutions.

Web software is software that is hosted on a web server and accessed through a web browser. Web software works on a client-server model. This means that software hosted on a web server must be accessed through a client computer's web browser.

Web software can be developed using different programming languages and technologies. These languages include PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and others. There are also many different frameworks and platforms for web software development. Examples are Django, Ruby on Rails, Laravel, ASP.NET, React, Angular and Vue.js.

Web software can be used for many different purposes. These purposes include e-commerce sites, web-based applications, social media platforms, business websites, blogs, news sites and others. Web software is an important tool for businesses to manage their digital assets, run their online business, improve customer experience and generate more revenue.

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