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What is Brand Management

What is Brand Management

Brand management is the process of strategically planning, developing, marketing and protecting a brand. Brand management manages how the brand is perceived and remembered in the minds of its target audience.

Brand management starts from the creation of a brand and includes determining the brand name, logo, colors, packaging design and other brand elements. In addition, planning and executing the brand's messages, advertising, promotions, digital marketing strategies, social media presence and other marketing activities for the brand's target audience are also part of the brand management process.

Brand management is continuously monitored and evaluated to control any factors that affect the perceived value and image of the brand by the consumer. This includes measuring customer experiences, brand loyalty and brand awareness, updating brand strategies and maintaining the brand's competitive advantage.

Brand management is a critical factor for the success of a brand. A successful brand management strategy provides many benefits, such as customer loyalty and increased sales, by ensuring that the brand is recognized, loved and preferred by its target audience and by providing brand experiences designed to increase loyalty to the brand.

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