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Logo Design.

Logo design is a symbolic visual design that reflects the identity of a brand or business. Logo design should be in line with the brand image and values of the business and help customers easily recognise and remember it.

What should we pay attention to when making a logo?

Reflect the values of the brand: The logo should reflect the values and purpose of the business.

It should be easy to understand: The logo design should be simple and clear so that customers can easily recognise and remember it.

Pay attention to the use of colours: Colours are an important factor affecting brand image. Colours should be chosen in accordance with the personality of the brand.

It should be suitable for use in different sizes: Logo design should be suitable for use in different sizes. It should be clearly visible even in small sizes.

It should be in accordance with the technical specifications: The logo should be designed in accordance with the technical specifications. This means presenting it in a format that can be used on a variety of digital and print media.

Differentiate from competitors: The logo should help differentiate the business from its competitors. This can be possible through the use of a unique design.

Working with a professional design company: Logo design should be done by a professional design company. This will ensure that the business has a quality logo design.

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