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Is it important to have photos and videos of the business on the website?

Business photos and videos on the business website are of great importance. This visual content is important to strengthen the digital presence of [...]

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Why do we need a multilingual website?

The importance of having multiple languages on a website is valuable in many ways. Here are the important aspects of this topic: [...]

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What is a Website Annual Maintenance Agreement?

A website annual maintenance agreement is a contract that involves updating, monitoring and maintaining a website on a regular basis. This type of [...]

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Things not to do when working with a developer

Here are some things not to do when working with a developer or software developer: Don't determine the nature of the work: D[...]

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What is SEO? How should it be done?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) refers to the technical work done to ensure that a website is more easily discovered and ranked by search engines [...]

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What is the importance of content on a website?

The content of a website is extremely important for visitors to learn about the brand, as well as for its discovery and ranking by search engines. [...]

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